MedMen Acquires PharmaCann for $682M; Largest M/A Deal in Industry History

MedMen, a Los Angeles based cannabis company with a well-established brand, has acquired PharmaCann for $682M. The deal is the largest in industry history to date.

MedMen, has a store in Williamsville as well as Venice Beach's Abbot Kinney Boulevard, the Las Vegas Strip, and Fifth Avenue in New York City.

PharmaCann owns the PharmaCannis dispensary in Amherst. Whether or not the PharmaCannis store in Amherst will be converted to the MedMen brand or when this will take place is unclear.

The move nearly doubles the number of MedMen’s dispensaries. The company now holds 79 cannabis licenses in 12 states, with 66 stores and 13 cultivation licenses.

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